Stock monitoring and Repossessed goods evaluation

Financial institutions such as banks and leasing companies are obliged, in this period of difficult economic situation, to tighten their control over the goods they are financing and optimize their repossession process.

It is key for the above-mentioned companies to monitor the financed stock at client locations, especially over the ones showing some signs of alarm. By doing so, they will minimize the risk of having a situation which can differ significantly from the one declared from the client. Often the sales personnel of the bank / leasing is performing such monitoring, which is far from being the optimal solution. A sales person task should be to maximize revenue and that is hard to achieve when the same person should also act as an inspector, possibly bringing some tension with clients because of the stock audit findings.

Once the client is no longer able to fulfill its obligation, it is then crucial to have a smooth, transparent and efficient repossessed goods evaluation process.

Stock monitoring of financed goods at client’s locations,

This service is ensuring a higher level of security in the financing activity of the bank and limiting thus the possibility for the client to make improper actions with the goods (selling it to obtain cash, etc.).

Based on the list of goods declared by the bank’s client to be present at their storage facility, our pool of inspectors will check the actual stock situation against the declared one. If any difference should be detected, the financing party will be immediately informed, in order to take proper actions.

Repossessed goods evaluations

Transparent, smooth and efficient repossessed goods evaluations performed by sworn by the court inspectors is critical for banks / leasing companies to monetize these goods as quickly as possible. Our team of experts have developed over the years a strong knowledge on the following category of goods:

  • Vehicle and truck evaluation
  • Machinery and equipment evaluation

Our evaluations are a fair indication of the market value of these goods. The reports also includes quality pictures of the repossessed goods, which might serve the client’s remarketing needs (for eventual on-line auctions, sales platform, etc.). 


Why choose us:

  • 10 years of experience in the field of repossessed goods, with local experts enlisted in the court approved appraisals list
  • Quick and responsive execution of agreed scope of services
  • We are not the biggest, we are not the cheapest, but we are for sure the one who will mostly care to deliver the highest quality of services within the agreed timeframe