New vehicles inspection

Having served in the new vehicle supply chain for over a decade, we are aware of the challenges all the involved parties are facing. Our services are focused at minimizing new vehicle damage ratio and protect our client’s interests by 

  • monitoring the correct implementation of OEM’s handling procedures 
  • determining transport damage responsibility by making sure the appropriate procedures and guidelines (from the relevant EOM’s, ship-owners and other logistic providers) are applied. If there is a fault or defect, it should be possible to ascertain which party is responsible for it.

The above mentioned goals are achieved through the execution of the appropriate selection of the below services:

  • Pre loading and post discharge survey
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Loading and discharge supervision
  • Supervision of stowage
  • Inspection and risk analysis of storage areas
  • Examinations of carrying vehicles
  • Checks on cargo securing methods
  • Verification of correct loading / unloading and transportation protocols and guidelines
  • Cargo damage survey and appraisal
  • Stock inventory

Additional services:

Stock monitoring services

When the financing party needs additional certainty regarding the financed goods, Verificae’s team will determine their status and quantity at the agreed time and location. This ensures that damage, loss or alienation of goods are identified as quickly as possible and remedial actions – including insurance claims, if appropriate – taken promptly, sensibly reducing the financing party’s operation risks.

Why choose us:

  • 10+ years of experience in the new vehicle supply chain with extensive knowledge of the domestic Port of Koper Car Terminal
  • Professional, independent and skilled pool of inspectors, acting according to the relevant guidelines
  • Quick and responsive execution of agreed scope of services
  • We are not the biggest, we are not the cheapest, but we are for sure the one who will mostly care to deliver the highest quality of services within the agreed timeframe